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My PSP Top 10 (in no particular order)
-Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
-God of War: Ghost of Sparta
-Burnout Legends
-Crimson Gem Saga
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Jeanne D'Arc
-Resistance Retribution
-Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
-Final Fantasy Crisis Core
-Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier

And don't get me started on the PS1 games I missed out on like Grandia and Xenogears.

DS Top 10 (in no particular order)
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Advance Wars Dual Strike
-Advance Wars Days of Ruin
-Mario Kart DS (my first online game, EVER)
-Super Mario 64
-Metroid Prime Hunters (kinda sucked, though)
-Crono Trigger
- can't think of a tenth game so I'm gonna add Soul Calibur Broken Destiny for PSP. The DS library is so bad, I have to add a PSP game to make it look good. You're welcome.

And the GBA games were great as well. Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, and the Super Mario Advance games really stand out.

Both systems had spectacular libraries but the PSP suited my tastes more at the time. Tons of great games in virtually every genre. My daughter an I owned 2 PSPs and 6 DS systems total (3 original, 2 Lites, and one DSi). We loved the console but I just can't see myself going back to play games like Cooking Mama or Nintendogs instead of Metal Gear Portable Ops or Syphon Filter Dark Mirror.

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