"Original Dark souls" that and every arcade game of the era and NES game. I hate that saying with a passion.

As for Sonic. It was never difficult. Sonic while I like some older games. It has always been SEGA's least interesting IP they had in the 90s. They had much better IPs ranging from arcades to consoles. These days Sonic is 100% pointless. He was created to rival Mario. SEGA no longer makes consoles and is no longer a rival. He was seen as a mascot for a slightly older crowd than Mario. Now they are the same. Sonic should have died when DC died. Jet Set Radio Future, Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Gunvalkyrie, Panzer Dragoon Orta should have been the ones to have success when DC died. Those are better IPs all around. I can't even begin to name all the ones in the 90s. Sonic was always and still is a cash-in. Alex Kidd wasn't cutting it so they needed something else. It was never a passion project like Panzer Dragoon. He was always a corporate we need something as popular as Mario.

You look at how unique Panzer Dragoon or Sakura Wars or Rent a Hero or Virtual On or Ranger X or Phantasy Star or Wonderboy and the list goes on for hundreds of games and series. We have a revival of Shmups right now and there is no new Thunder Force. RPGs are thriving on Switch and no hint of a Skies of Arcadia or Phantasy Star revival.  SEGA doesn't want to touch anything from back then and rather let indie studios do it. I'm at least glad for that but I feel we have had enough Sonic. Yakuza studio while I love the Yakuza series they tried to make something cool in Binary Domain,IMO one of the best cover shooters from last gen. Bombed hard so they are stuck just making Yakuza and they got bored making Yakuza so Y7 is a full-on turn-based RPG *sigh*

I'd gladly kill the Sonic franchise in order to have some lesser-known franchises from SEGA get some love. Same with Yakuza as much as I love it.

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