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John2290 said:
Nautilus said:
Decided to reuse my original text with a few modifications here and there, because I felt that it already passed the overall idea that I wanted about this subject.

@John2290 Here you go!

Nice. I re-read the other thread and my opinion hasn't changed much since my post in that thread, however, there is one thing I'd like to mention that has changed in my mind since replaying sekiro and that is, if you can't get your engine to behave or your camera is clearly broken or terrain is a persistent issue causing death then you need to redisign your set difficulty to adjust or scrap that fight or area of the game. This is a massive problem in the souls games and Sekiro. 

Now, I want to re-iterate one truth that people gloss over again and again. Souls games are not set difficulty games, there is an aspect of luck and the easy/hard modes are tacked ontop through mechanics for example builds, grinding or/and summons. A set difficulty game is something like Supermeat boy or the like in which you have no option but to succeed at an unchanging challenge. Souls games have the easy mode with what I mentioned along with endurance/persistence and just isn't labeled in the main menu. The real discussion we should be having toward difficulty is the nonsense that games like REmake 3 goes on with and adjusts in the background without you knowing or consenting to an option and it does this regardless of the difficulty setting on you choose, no that is the problem. 

Anyway, cheers for the ability to comment on this again. 

Yeah, I agree with you.

I don't have problems with some parts of the game being adpative. It could be interesting for an enemy for example, to be part of an hive mind of sorts, and when you defeat one, it informs the others of your fight style, so that they may adapt to it better. So when you face one of those enemies again, they are harder, or at the very least feel like that. But what RE 3 Remake does is something that I don't feel like it's rewarding. I mean, if you play well, you are just going to waste even more bullets on the enemies? Don't think that's fun.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.