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smroadkill15 said:
eva01beserk said:

No I dont have an Xbox. I have a PlayStation that I barely play anymore. I mainly play on my switch. 

Downplay? Me saying its good for gamers subtle downplay? Or you just asume I hate everything xbox so any complement I gave must have something attached to it? I get thought when you are in defense mode you just have to look at everything like an attack.

But thats great quote. But thats like saying if your a jogger don't worry about there not being a bridge, let the goverment worrie about that just keep runing. What dosent work there is that our actions impact even others futures. So thinking of things that could harm you or others in the future is something all adults should do.

But I'll say it simple and tell you that theres no hidden meaning or anything. Gamepass is a great service for gamers, it's not a great service for MS unless they have a crazzy amount of subs. I worry because if they can't make it work they wont just cancel it, it could have a negative impact on other divisions.

Every complement you give gamepass comes with some sort of dig towards it as well."Gamepass is not a bad offer. But also indicates that they are uneilling to offer quality games. If they do it will be like one a year and a bunch of Indy games or it just would not be worth it." Now you're backtracking by saying it's a great service for gamers. 

Here we go with the analogies again. If the bridge is working fine and is getting proper maintenance, why should someone care? Now if the bridge needed to be repaired and nobody was doing anything about it, then someone should worry. There is nothing wrong with Gamepass and it's a great value, so why should any care how MS handles it? Phil Spencer himself said, don't worry about it. 

Yeah that was a funny backpedal. From "MS doesn't care to offer quality games on GamePass, will maybe be one a year and a bunch of indies or they just won't care at all!!" to "man GamePass is a good value and such a good service". Even now he's still going on about one AAA title per year when we've had plenty of AAA already in 2020 alone.

Most people who shit on GamePass are extremely ignorant to what it actually offers.