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Amnesia said:

I don't get it lol...What is especially complicated in recording a direct when you are in lock down/pandemic situation ?

We are ALL coming to work at the offices where I am, and it is the same planet as you all.

Making a direct is not as simple as editing a video.

First, you have to contact third party developers and arrange for them to make trailers for you. And during this time, they may be facing a number of problems relating to the quarantines, and may not deliver the trailers or information in time, if at all. Then Nintendo would have to decide what to show and what to not show.For that, they need to study if it is worthwhile to show a game that is 1 year away or not, among other variables.

Then Nintendo needs to contact its own development teams and have them make trailers.Then these development teams have to think about how to make an awesome trailers with what they have, take footage out of their builds, discuss on how to frame these trailers, and so on.And that's all assuming that they either have the equipment they need to record/prepare the footage at home, or be able to go to his workplace to do that.And finally give back to Nintendo marketing team what they have.

Finally they have to piece together what they have into what we consider nowadays a Direct.And that's all while they have to deal with working from home, having difficulties setting up meetings, communications being slower, not knowing how the economy will be affected, how long development of their games will take due to the inevitable delays, etc.

It's not as easy as people make it seem to be.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.