Jumpin said:
Shiken said:

Well shit looks like Nintendo dropped the ball then.  Pretty stupid to leave such a basic feature out.

It's not stupid, it's just not a priority for them. The current lack of it hasn't impacted sales, and it is almost certainly something they have in their dev bucket. This is not their first time releasing this feature late in the console dev cycle, in fact, they have every single generation since such a feature became a requirement (on the Wii). As time goes on, and Switches begin to age, then the priority for the feature will increase.

You see, its posts like this that makes people think Nintendo fans will defend anything they do...

It is stupid, as it is anti consumer in this day and age.  System transfers should be a simple no brainer, especially for a device that does not allow all game saves to be backed up on the cloud service that we PAY FOR.  Not only that, but the Switch has had two revisions that may make some people, like our original poster here, need to make use of proper cloud saves or a system transfer feature.

Just because sales are not directly impacted right now does not mean the move is not stupid and anti consumer.  That kind of ignorance leads to WiiU and X1 levels of lost launch sales for their next device due to tarnished image.  It is certainly not the only factor as there were other problems present for them as well, but it is a factor.

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