dark_gh0st_b0y said:
no wonder I had no idea it was 'remastered'

sounds like they just took the $2,000,000 and decided to keep as much of it as possible

is there anything left for the WiiU btw, Pikmin 3 (for now) and Xenoblade Chronicles X?

Besides Pikmin 3 and XCX the Wii U still has Super Mario 3D World (for now), Star Fox Zero, The Wind Waker HD (for now), Twilight Princess HD (for now), NintendoLand (obviously), Splatoon 1 (obviously), Paper Mario: Color Splash, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Sonic Boom (thankfully), Project Zero: Maiden of the Black Water, Mario Party 10 and Devil's Third. There are some eShop only games too like Pushmo World, Affordable Space Adventures, Star Fox Guard and Nano Assault Neo. It also has the only version of ZombiU that doesn't actually suck.

Finally, some of these games, while might be ported to the Switch in the future, will not be as good as they were on the Wii U. The Wii U was a failure, but it's undeniable that its second screen allowed for some gameplay improvements that are being and will be lost with every port to any other platform. There are entire games that will not be able to be ported at all like Affordable Space Adventures or NintendoLand.

So, as for the question: Is there anything left for the Wii U? Yes, there will always be. Because for better and worse, the Wii U was a unique platform that presented some games in unique ways.