RolStoppable said:
OlfinBedwere said:

Wasn't the Switch version the original focus of the Kickstarter though, with PS4 and PC being added down the line?

It seems like the original game was designed to take advantage of some quirk of the Wii U's hardware, and without it the Switch is struggling to achieve the same performance... but then the Wii U's hardware was so utterly sh*t across the board that I'm struggling to work out what said quirk might have been!

If PS4 and PC were truly added down the line, then both of those ports would have been completed in under three months which is too optimistic even for the results we are seeing.

That's why I am calling the kickstarter a preorder campaign instead of a normal funding campaign. All ports were nearly complete when the kickstarter went live and they didn't want to take on a big financial risk, so they offered all those tiers to sell a variety of special editions because they knew that the biggest fans would be willing to pay more than standard prices.

Three months is  good time for a port to a more powerfull console, easy to program for and with nothing really being upgraded.

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