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There are people in this thread saying this isn't a big deal, and I think that's true in the grand scheme of things as it doesn't appear to ruin the game itself other than being a minor inconvenience compared to the original version. That being said, the whole way they've handled this port has been awful, from running a kickstarter campaign that they themselves admitted to not actually needing at all (The game was complete and they basically said it was just used as a marketing campaign even though people actually had to donate money to make it happen...) and being generally unclear on all aspects of it. On top of that they provided no control scheme alternative to the Wii U Gamepad, meaning there is no easy way to control this game when they could have retooled the controls at least somewhat.

I don't necessarily wish commercial failure on this or anything but I sincerely hope they realize that they need to put their full effort into products in the future. I like Platinum quite a bit and do buy most of their releases, but I can't support this.