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Aside from the use of the term remaster, I don't recall anything they said which would have lead one to expect a significant graphical overhaul. It's also being sold at $40, which is a bit cheaper than most "remasters" from that era IIRC.

So, I'd agree that they would have used another word in the title, but on the whole, anyone who does even a slight amount of research will be getting what they expect, so I'm not seeing a problem in that regard.

Like, taking myself as an example, I loved the game on Wii U, and I might have purchased it again if it had significant upgrades.  I had more than enough information to determine that it didn't have enough new content to warrant purchasing again.  Since I had enough info to make an informed decision, I don't really see the harm done by using the wrong term.

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 17 May 2020