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RolStoppable said:
OlfinBedwere said:

That's the weird thing - even in portable mode, where resolution and graphics settings are pretty much a 1:1 match for the Wii U version, performance is still worse than on the older console. Not by enough that I'd consider the port an out-and-out disaster by any means, but it's certainly bizarre considering that both Bayonetta games had the same settings as the Wii U, and ran at higher framerates (as did Breath of the Wild in that game's portable mode).

Platinum Games did three ports at the same time. Shouldn't be surprising that a third party in that situation gives the Nintendo console the least amount of care, because that's what third parties do.

The kickstarter reached the goal for extra content down the line, so maybe they'll work on a performance patch for Switch during that time too. But either way, the game in its current state isn't so bad on Switch that one should wish for financial failure for Platinum Games.

Platinum didn't make three ports at the same time. They did one port and copy pasted it two times more. If they actually made three different versions, they would have optimized said versions to suit the different platforms. But they didn't.

As for wishing for "financial failure" for Platinum Games... there's no possible financial failure with that amount of Kickstarter money. They are more than covered on this project. So me wishing that it doesn't sell well outside of kickstarter backers and that it reviews bad would only be a "moral" lesson at this point. Which yes, I hope they get.