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So, about a week or so ago, Platinum Games started sending the digital codes for The Wonderful 101 "Remastered" to the backers of the Kickstarter. And a few days ago, Digital Foundry did their testing of all three versions of the game (Switch/PS4/PC). And the results are... pathetic to say the least:

In all three versions, the game is virtually the same as it was on Wii U. No new textures, no better lightning, no nothing. All the assets are 1:1 comparable to the original version. The only change is resolution: While the Wii U was 720p, both Switch and PS4 are locked 1080p and even PS4 Pro is capped at 1080p as well (PC can go up to 4k resolutions). At this point I have to wonder how can this product be called "remastered" when there is virtually nothing technically improved over the original version besides a bump in resolution. But wait: it gets even worse.

The original Wii U game aimed to achieve 60fps, but in reality it spent most of the time in the low 40s. Whenever explosions, lots of enemies or lots of heroes gathered on screen, the framerate would go freefall from 60 to 40... or even mid 30s.

This supposedly "remastered" version runs WORSE on Switch than it did on Wii U. Not by much, but it is worse. You can expect a few less frames on Switch in every situation. This is caused by the bump in resolution, which by the way it does nothing noticeably positive on Switch because without AA the 1080p resolution bump is not really a big deal. Even on PS4, which is like 5-6 times more powerful than Wii U, there are framerate drops whenever too much shit is going on on screen (although they are less pronounced than on Nintendo consoles). The only console that is able to sustain 60fps is PS4 Pro, and even that machine has some sporadic frame drops. And although is not mentioned by Digital Foundry, players are reporting frame pacing issues on PC.

So, the game not only looks pretty much the same besides resolution (which by the way is not a big deal, is not like we are going from gen 6 resolutions to Full HD), but on Switch runs worse than it originally did and in every other platform there are still problems that given their power, should not be there at all.

More than 2 million dollars were raised on the Kickstarter campaign. And Platinum Games did one of the worst "remastering" jobs I've ever seen in recent years. It's shameful that such a beloved game that was supposed to get a second chance after a bad launch was so poorly treated by their own creators. I hope it sells bad again and that it gets the low reviews it deserves. Thankfully, it already has a 71 on Metacritic

What do you guys think about this?