goopy20 said:

I have to be honest. They're not entirely wrong. On one hand its great that MS is being so consumer friendly. But isn't their "Smart Delivery" approach a double edged sword, especially after the hype a simple tech demo created for ps5? Thoughts?

"We've been waiting for a while to finally see next-gen gameplay, for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, because it's arguably one of the biggest moments in a new console's reveal road - that moment when you see just how much the games themselves, not just the hardware, have been able to advance. We want to see something mind-blowing.

But we didn't get that from Microsoft. Instead we got 13 game reveals with 'Xbox Series X Optimized' badges and a lot of talk about Smart Delivery. We don't want to be told that these games will look better, we want to see it. I (personally) want a reason to upgrade, not to be stuck in a limbo between this generation and the next. All this focus on cross-gen by Microsoft is robbing us of that initial next-gen thrill."

It's just a sweet words to comfort consumer and their loyal fans , in reality   their first party developer is not ready with the games to be fully build and push next gen. 

second they are focusing on gamepass which is marketed for current gen consumer 

Third, They also believe all third party will not moving on to next gen and will still provide cross gen title (which is actually true)

Also most PC gamers also still play on potato spec that they cannot ignore, they will wait until more people adapt to high spec machine.

So that's why they focus on 4k, 60 fps or "optimize for Xbox Series X" or perhaps 120 fps , "better look and play on Series X" etc.

It's my conclusion by reading a lot observation from many Industry expert in gaming Industry.