So here's the deal. My daughter's birthday was April 20th and, despite my offers to buy her a Switch earlier, she said she would wait until her B-day. Well, Covid-19 had other plans.

Try as I might, I couldn't get my hands on a Switch for less than like $600. Goddam scalpers. Anyway, April 20th came and I made a sacrifice worthy of legend. I gave her my Switch until I could finally buy one. GameStop finally got Switch Lites in stock (she actually wanted a regular Switch but oh well...) and I ordered one online. It should be here on Monday.

Then, I thought about it. Nintendo are normally assholes about this sort of thing. Even though I SPECIFICALLY resubscribed to Nintendo online family plan to make sure the transfer process went smoothly, there are certain games that don't support cloud saves. Lo and behold, it seems Animal Crossing is one of those games. She's been playing it every day on my Switch and starting over would suck...but I'm really wanting my Switch back.

So, now I'm scared. And I'm not liking the Google results.

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