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IcaroRibeiro said:
Original Zelda was already a 30 years old game when BOTW came out, most of people who played BOTW never even played the original to begin with, they rather started with other games such as A Link to The Past, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, etc, so it's there where their nostalgia lies on

The "return" to their roots means close to nothing in therms of sales increase. Nowadays gamers learned to like open world game thanks to Assassins' Creed, The Witcher, Skyrim, GTA V, etc. These were the games that "opened the world" to make Zelda peak again

Zelda appeal was limited while following Ocarina of Time formula, and market response for Skyward Sword showcase that. It was limited in a HUGE way (like, most games would kill to sell 3 million+ copies in every game), but limited nonetheless. After the changing they could break the limit the seris was stuck into
Of course, it would be all meaningless if Switch wasn't fairly successful ant the game itself wasn't a masterpiece, I'm just pointing how minimum was the "root" argument compared to others

You can demonstrate first your argument? Have any numbers, research? Back to the roots, it's important because The Legend of Zelda sells 6 million basically in Japan and US, Nintendo rebuilds US market, aways this in the mind. Second, NES is one of the most piracy consoles all time. In the world, have more than 370 ( diverse Famiclones, the emulation scenario has a great force too. It's so true, classics games sell looks Virtual Console sales, and NES mini sales. Your argument: never ever played it's not true, because of the sales of NES classics games in a virtual console, because of the sales of NES mini, because of o the longevity of all Famiclones and emulators. The direction o Aonuma, make the series lost potential buyers, declined until BoTW take the old approach, and adapt to the modern age.  It's important back to the roots, for the Zelda series, because have all elements of an archaic open world in the first Zelda, only open-world Esque games it's not the only reason, but back the formula: arcade game + Pc games. Great Nes games aged like wine, the thirst for an official NES emulator is real, look os sales of NEs mini.