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sales2099 said:

No way this gens market share will be the same. PS5 will still win but by a lesser margin. How much we have to see.

Xbox won’t start with a crippling brand image, no mandatory peripheral, the rumoured $300 Xbox will undercut PS unlike Xbox One being $100 more, Series X has better specs on paper then PS5 unlike XB1, and their first party studios are really beefed up. And with all this you think Xbox will only sell 50 million lifetime? Lol cmon.

But despite all this, you mentioned huge changes in the industry. Xbox is moving away from just consoles and is becoming a ecosystem. If MS plays their cards right they don’t have to sell more consoles to have a more popular brand. Everybody on PC playing a Xbox first party studio game is part of Xbox. I mean their PCs run on MS operating systems just like Xbox might as well come full circle and give them Xbox games too. Game Pass, Xcloud especially if that takes off. I know Xbox won’t win conventionally, and that’s the point. MS changing the rules if they do it well. 

You can't have the "they will do better in HW sales, but if they don't then it doesn't matter because they diversified with PC and GP". You are already setting up an excuse.

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