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Runa216 said:
sales2099 said:

No way this gens market share will be the same. PS5 will still win but by a lesser margin. How much we have to see.

Xbox won’t start with a crippling brand image, no mandatory peripheral, the rumoured $300 Xbox will undercut PS unlike Xbox One being $100 more, Series X has better specs on paper then PS5 unlike XB1, and their first party studios are really beefed up. And with all this you think Xbox will only sell 50 million lifetime? Lol cmon.

But despite all this, you mentioned huge changes in the industry. Xbox is moving away from just consoles and is becoming a ecosystem. If MS plays their cards right they don’t have to sell more consoles to have a more popular brand. Everybody on PC playing a Xbox first party studio game is part of Xbox. I mean their PCs run on MS operating systems just like Xbox might as well come full circle and give them Xbox games too. Game Pass, Xcloud especially if that takes off. I know Xbox won’t win conventionally, and that’s the point. MS changing the rules if they do it well. 

Do you even live in the same world as the rest of us? I crippling brand image? Are you okay? Microsoft has been the laughing stock of the industry since the Xbox One's launch in 2013. No games, no exclusives, and all this talk of 'more power' in the OneX model did nothing, Sony still beats them senseless and they continue to give less and less of a reason to get an Xbox by putting all their exclusives and features on PC/Switch. They have nothing but the power, and history proves that Raw Power has virtually no impact on game or console sales. The most powerful console never wins their generation. PS4 was bested by Xbox OneX, Wii won that generation over two far superior consoles, PS2 was the weakest of the three of that generation. I don't actually know which was stronger between PS1 and N64, but the point is that, historically, the most powerful console doesn't get a significant boost. 

Nothing in the last seven years indicates any change in momentum for Microsoft. They're putting out exclusives at a slower rate than ever before, and all we're getting is a dozen rapid-fire promises and attempts to strong-arm the competition by buying smaller companies. All the promises in the world mean nothing if they've consistently failed and fell short over the last decade or so. (Seriously, I think 2009 was the last time Xbox was on top of anything)

The general notion May 2020 about Xbox is not what the internet was like in May 2013 concerning Xbox. The brand was going in the wrong direction then, that’s not the case now. Your opening comment fails to acknowledge that and is a gross exaggeration.

The Xbox X came too late but it matters more in the beginning, when core gamers decide where to play their multiplats and it snowballs from there. And that’s a major advantage PS4 had with constant multiplat comparisons of 900p vs 1080p. 

As far as Switch goes, only a few minor games made their way over, or games that were all ready multiplat. And I suppose it’s a culture divide but PC isn’t separate anymore. It’s part of the ecosystem for anyone who partakes. And I’ve always had the notion that serious PC gamers weren’t gonna buy a Xbox anyway, so MS brings the games to them and thus has little impact on console sales. 

Power alone doesn’t win a gen, so good thing MS has the cheaper Xbox in the works. And they have been doing much promises lately, but July should start to put those concerns to rest. But you seem deluded yourself in that you don’t recognize their efforts in superior backwards compatibility, Game Pass being the best deal in gaming and a reason in itself to own a Xbox over PS. Xcloud being a wild card and their new studios paying off once their games are ready (it’s all ready been a couple years for many of their buys). 

I’ll just say that with this gen, you don’t need a Xbox to support Xbox. And that’s what will give the brand a fighting chance. PC gamers can “stick it to MS” by not buying their consoles, yet they be playing their games all the same. They be gaining a community where Sony largely won’t go. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.