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Some are waiting for some major announcements to vote. But I argue that something major has already been around.


We know MS is not touching it this gen either and Sony is going deeper in after just coming out being the #1 VR product numbers wise. VR requires more power to run same games so while on a TV the diference of the new consoles could be disregarded, on VR it would have been more noticeable but sadly MS is not participating.

That's also a setup for next gen. This might really be the last gen for traditional consoles and why xbox is going the gamepass xcloud route because by then cloud gaming might really be good enough on your tv. But I'm gessing that the input lag and lower fidelity variable resolutions will be unacceptable for VR. So if a 10th does happen it will be focused on VR and I think gamers will take notice on 9th gen.

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