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Pemalite said:
I will take a wait and see approach. We will know how things look after a few months of the next-gen consoles being on the market.

But considering that pricing hasn't been revealed... And Sony hasn't showcased it's new console, policies and so forth, they could make a big blunder. Or they could do the complete opposite.

Can go either way until we know all the details... Until then it's all just speculation.

I think around this point during the start of gens 7 and 8 most people knew it was going to be a train wreck. PS3 was already doomed by a massive $200 price difference announced at E3 2006 in early May. XB1 was more or less toast around May 2013 too. People saw Sony having a disaster in May 2006. People saw MS having a disaster by May 2013. 

We are this far into next gen talk, and so far there is no large scale disaster for Sony. And the entire point of this thread was to point out just how many mountains need to be moved to change the sales ratio in a console war.