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NobleTeam360 said:
DonFerrari said:

Would make 0 sense to have it in multiplats this gen when Xbox doesn't support it.

You could blame it on because Xbox doesn't support it, although I'm fairly certain that even if it had it, very few if any 3rd party devs would actually make use of the gimmick features you get out of motion controls. 

Edit: better yet, do any Sony 1st party games have motion controls at this point? GoW? Spiderman? Horizon? Bloodborne? etc...? 

Well I could, but I do agree with you that very few 3rd party would use it even if Xbox had it. I just meant that when games are MP and one system doesn't have the feature it would be unlike that 3rd parties would put time on it since they go on the path of least effort.

Few Sony games really use it.

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