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Blood_Tears said:
Train wreck said:

Its not confirmed because its not true.  Sony doesn't have exclusivity on the MLB license.  MLB has its own videogame arm called MLB Advanced Media that publishes the R.B.I Baseball set of games.  MLBAM was created due to the fact that no 3rd party developer (EA/2k) would pick up the MLB license after 2K ended its baseball license in 2014 (Sony/989 Studios had the license since the late 90s) the threaten to pull the license bit doesn't even remotely make sense.  R.B.I baseball 20 and MLB the Show are on the PS4 so it actually has competition.  The Switch and Xbox versions do not have any competing baseball games that release on the consoles.

This 100%. Plus it's not Sony's fault that 2K ended their MLB license back then. The Xbox fanbase had MLB games on their system, they just didn't buy them. The Show outsold and eclipsed 2K MLB games critically and commercially. This "rumor" wasn't even a rumor, it was just passed around on gaming threads by users who have no inside knowledge of it. It gets spun so many times on so many gaming sites that people just start believing it. Rather than that, those other console fans should just celebrate getting a AAA baseball game in the Show and appreciate it. On the matter of this logo, it will probably be on the Show boot up screen from now on even just as marketing for the Sony game on another system. 

The inverse is the more plausible story.  MLB was tired of making baseball games that no one would buy on systems where it was the only baseball game.  So they turned to the leader in the space and gave them full rights, creative control and % of royalties in exchange for the game being multiplat.  Starting in 2021, there will be no MLBAM produced R.B.I baseball game, MLB the Show will be the only game in town.