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* Were kinda late this, but piece was was uploaded to SE's recruitment page December 2019.

In case you missed it, this is possibly the first official concept art published by SquareEnix of the next Final Fantasy core title, meaning the 16th installment, or XVI.

It was posted on their Japanese recruitment page a few days ago and it is a follow-up to multiple job offerings published back in April for what is now described as a "core title" and a "large-scale HD game for the next generation".

This game is being developed by Business Division 3, a new development team formed by the recent internal restructuration of SE Japan studios that reduce the total number of divisions from 11 to 4 without cutting any jobs.

Business Division 3 is led by Naoki Yoshida, who also serves as director for FFXIV:ARR. Yoshida confirmed his commitment to the MMO, meaning that he will apparently manage both titles. The next FF core title is not expected to be a MMO, since FFXIV is still going strong and will most probably see at least one additional expansion, if not two.

The new mysterious title is already in "full-scale development", meaning the conceptualizations and environmental aesthetics are set. It is worth nothing that Yoshida said in past interviews that he feels the next Final Fantasy core title should be "straightforward fantasy, one that doesn’t have much machinery, and with no mecha in it", which certainly fits this new image!

Last edited by Xxain - on 10 May 2020