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xMetroid said:
I love how we call like Link's Awakening an average/good score when it's one of the best selling Zelda games already in less than a year and literally any other companies would die to have that number even for a game that performs really well.

Yeah it's funny how after BotW suddenly people think Zelda is this mega selling franchise that it has literally never been outside of BotW.

A zelda remake of a gameboy game sold at $60 is over 4 million sales after 6 months....if that statement was ever said before BotW came out people would be flabbergasted by the enormous success that statement implies.

If you look at the history of Zelda sales, 4 million is pretty much the number at which you can consider a zelda game successful in historical context. Link's Awakening Remake has already hit that in 6 months! And really it should be priced more like $30 or at most $40, if they were to drop the price down I think a lot of people who have been holding out would pick it up (I would!). Outside of the BotW series, Link's Awakening remake should end up selling better than all but the top three zelda games: ocarina, twilight princess, and the original. Essentially, the Link's Awakening remake has been HUGELY successful. And that is even with it being clearly overpriced. I would not at all be surprised to see the original or A Link to the Past be remade on the Switch as well in the same style.