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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
JWeinCom said:
Before reading any of the comments my first thought was this looks kind of like Astral Chain. If so many people are coming to the conclusion on their own there is something to it.

The premise is that there is an invading force that is immune to conventional weaponry. You are part of an elite team who have the unique ability who can stop them. Same for each one.

There are also visual cues. The monster designs the overall art style, the floating hologram caution tape etc.

There's no reason they couldn't have come up with the ideas entirely separately. It's not like Astral Chain was so incredibly unique that nobody else could have thought of it. And it's not like more Astral Chain would be a bad thing anyway. Astral Chain was awesome.

I mean, basically all the most unique elements of Astral Chain don't really seem to be replicated here - there's no chain mechanic I can see (literally the gimmick of the game), the color scheme is somewhat similar but focuses significantly more on reds than blues and purples (so more like Code Vein than say Astral Chain which had a more even mixture), the characters don't look like "cops" but more like "rogues", and the enemies look more like something you'd see in some kind of Souls-like than in Astral Chain. I would actually say the visual ques make this look less like Astral Chain as a whole, bare a few exceptions, like the digital artifacts that make up parts of the environment, or the city, or the guy who's mask looks a little like HAL's. 

Regardless yea, I went a little too far for the sake of exaggeration and joking in saying "This doesn't even look like Astral Chain", at the same time I obviously did not actually pour hot wax on myself, so It looks somewhat similar to both games imo. 

Gameplay wise though I'm not sure? It looks a bit more like it is in the character-action category than a Souls-like, but it also doesn't really seem to share the sluggishness or mechanics of Astral Chain.

I would not call Astral Chain  sluggish.