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Metallox said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Looks SO much more generic than Astral Chain. But honestly, if it doesn't end up having elements which conflict with one another, then it might end up being about as good or even better. Doubt it, but it's possible.

Edit: This doesn't even look like Astral Chain and I am now pouring hot wax on myself for even entertaining the comparison. This looks so much more like Code Vein, which is literally from the same publisher, than Astral Chain.

The city shown has heavy Harmony Square vibes, so the comparison with Astral Chain is not a far-fetched thought. 

But Harmony Square is a typical New York/Tokyo blend. Its not exclusive to Astral Chain.

When I said it reminded me of Astral Chain, I meant in Hyper neon colorful look and the the face neon scar whenever powers are being used. Its really onlu skin deep. Like the above guy said, Code vein did not come to mind but on hindsight it does look like Code vein.