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hinch said:

I think these kind of threads pop up prior to every new generation.

Just take a look at TLOU on PS3

and compare to the TLOU 2 on PS4. And this is for a 7 year old console.

TLOU 3????

I can't imagine what first party developers can do with orders of magnitude better specs can do with this. At the end of this upcoming gen 8th gen is going to look a little dated again.

Honestly I feel like this disproves your point! Sure the PS4 game looks quite a bit better than the PS3 game, and sure a PS5 game is gonna look a quite a bit better than the PS4 game. But look how fantastic the PS3 game looks! While there is clearly a difference, both of them look great - both of them look realistic! So, does the bit higher level of realism in the PS4 game do anything to actually make the game better? Maybe at best it is a bit more atmospheric and that's it. From those two videos I wouldn't say it makes much of a difference at all to the game. It's just a bit prettier. Sure I'd take the prettier version of the slightly less pretty but still great looking version, but it isn't a huge difference and doesn't really affect the game at all.

Which is kinda the whole point of this thread. Not saying the next gen won't have a noticeable graphical upgrade to this gen (especially for those who don't play 4k with the current upgraded Ps/Xbox systems), but just saying how much does it really matter at this point. Sure I like seeing prettier versions of the same game, but we're past the point where it makes a difference to the quality of the game for the vast majority of games.

Like at this point, I look at Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn and I think to myself I can't wait for a Zelda game on next gen Nintendo to have the graphical fidelity of Horizon ZD because having that level of detail in the environment would greatly increase the feeling of the world being alive and full, but then a jump from that graphical level to say PS5 level doesn't excite me in the same way at all. Sure it'd be cripser moving up to 4k and textures would be more detailed, but look at what Horizon ZD already looks like...improving graphics beyond that is gonna fall into the "oh cool its a little be prettier" category and that's it.

I look at the Star Citizen video on the second page of this thread and I think okay yeah that looks better but a current gen version of that would be the exact same game just a bit less crisp and slightly less detailed to the point where it wouldn't make a difference. Or I look at the low res FF7 remake texture pics from the first page of this thread and think to myself: "really?! this is what people care about now, nitpicking around looking for any resolutions in a game that aren't super high rez? Who cares?! How does this in anyway affect your enjoyment of the game if you have to go searching for a non-high-rez texture here and there just to prove a point that the graphics aren't perfect?!"