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hinch said:
DonFerrari said:

Yep, every new gen people say we hit the ceiling and nothing will impress us anymore, but they are always wrong. But well, some don't really care about graphics.

Yeah that's true.

And there's false misconception that better graphics =/= more realistic graphics. You can have better graphics and it will improve a games look, even with more stylized designs. Take Nintendo, hypothetically, if they decided to go power route for next gen for Switch 2.. you could have Mario running around in 4K with ray-tracing and it would look stunning.

We have so many fantastic looking game with looks that you don't have in real life and colors that aren't natural. They have photorealism but doesn't look real. And that can't be done without improving the graphics of the game.

Like FF XIII opening (or most CGs on FF) it looks great, similar to life, but the visual aren't anything you would see in life. Also I laugh about complains about looking like life, that is what you look your whole life, movies, series, etc... why would that be a problem only in game?

And I agree we could have somenthing on the level of craftmanship for graphics the level of Detroit Become Human but with the aesthetics of a Nintendo game.

Mar1217 said:
DonFerrari said:

Talk what you want but even games like Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse of Rome showed the graphical jump in a very easy to see way, Infamous Second Son is even better at it.

Perhaps you think like that because you weren't actively seeing the release of the systems like PS2 and PS3 when the gap between end gen PS1 games like FFIX jump to launch titles of PS2 or GoW2 on PS2 to launch titles on PS3 weren't as massive as you would believe when trying to compare launch title of PS1 with end of life PS2, etc. Because sometimes looking behind it looks different than what it really was.

Boy, if you think the jump between FF-9 and FF-10 wasn't impressive as to what they could already achieve early on then, I think this line of thinking is mute in the water.

Tell me of a game that could hope to match the graphical and atmospheric tension of REmake on the GameCube during the end of the PS1 era without having to look like a muddy pixel puddle with some ugly flat faced poorly textured model.

Sorry but current gens are not fighting in the same way to make you look at the advancement they've done anymore. It isn't a "in your face shock" .

That simply how I see it though. Subjective as it may be.

Where have I said that the jump from FF-IX to X wasn't impressive? Look what I wrote, FF IX to a launch title on PS2... like look at this link and tell me which of these games had you impressed graphically

So let's see if there wasn't a jump in quality from PS2 to PS3 or how the PS3 to PS4 was significative.

GOW 2 on PS2

Genji day of the blade on PS3

Detroit Become Human on PS4

So it is basically we not remembering how bad most of the early gen titles looked compared to their end of gen and how that can make the jump be small.

Darwinianevolution said:
CGI-Quality said:

It is viable as long as the market seeks it (which it continues to). Like I said, we're nowhere close to that point — be it financial or technical.

Besides, you said: "Meh. Graphics cannot be improved that much at this point". That is factually incorrect no matter what standpoint you take.

I meant it in the sense of deminishing returns. If a developer spends tens of thousands of man hours and millions of dollars to craft a game to be the most beautiful and graphical astonishing game ever made, it's not going to sell much more than a game that just looks great, and the difference in resources needed is clear. At some point, the investment ins not worth it, so why bother improving the graphics?

Because a lot of the public likes and wants better graphics, if they didn't there would be no point in still improving Graphic Cards or consoles. And also some games sell based on the graphic, others on the multiplayer, other on the puzzles, etc.

HollyGamer said:
CGI-Quality said:

You have to know what the goal is before a proclamation like that can be made and you can't just improve performance without considering cosmetics. It is very much a system of 0s and 1s.

The goal is to achieve photorealistic graphic .which i can say current gen  already can do decent job. Game engine like Frostbite engine, Unreal, Capcom Resident Evil Engine with scanning etc already did fantastic job.

Not really, several companies don't try photorealism (even ND that invest a lot in graphics have the char in UC4 very stylized)

And on photorealism, on PS3 we already though it was great and nothing else was needed (even on PS2 that seemed the case) but we are always pushing the bar higher.

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