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CGI-Quality said:
HollyGamer said:

You know that aides my point, correct?

Using it, let's have a look at snippets (it's a 2016 article that I remember vividly)...

"That's mostly thanks to the increased computing power, which is often measured with TFLOPS (tera floating-point operations per second). How far are we from proper photo-realistic graphics, then, in terms of TFLOPS? According to Epic's Founder Tim Sweney, quite a bit"

Ignoring the pointless piece on teraflops, the amount of computing power to achieve true photorealism is years away. Many years away.

The next part (my favorite considering my extensive history and education with The Uncanny Valley phenomenon) further this...

"Humans are another story entirely, though, as everyone familiar with the uncanny valley hypothesis already knows. It's not just a matter of computing power, but they need to behave and react in a believable way; for that, Sweeney reckons we'll need some sort of algorithm that's still decades away from being realized"

Do you know what The Uncanny Valley entails? I'll be happy to discuss if you don't, because it plays a HUGE role in this. In both cases, he states what i sate — photorealism is plenty of years away. Even if we use the teraflop argument (which is silly, but let's bite), your consoles are nowhere close to 40 teraflops and the best gaming card you can buy (a Titan RTX) is still a massive nice chunk behind that. 

Not happening any time in he 2020s, but we will get closer, yes.

That's why , it needs more than just photo realistic aspect . It need animation, physics, AI to make the it living breathing, and not just doll.  Probably RT effect need some refinement for next gen. For physical based rendering we already achieved this gen only need some RT effect to make it perfect.