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Darwinianevolution said:
I'm glad to see the sales of MK8D, it's going to end up beating Mario Kart Wii, which is not a small thing considering that game is still moving units to this day.

Also, I'm still mad at those meteoric Sw/Sh sales. All that controversy translating into the best launch of the franchise...

Did you expect the controversy to result in less sales? I mean, as a casual pokemon fan, I didn't care one bit about the so called controversy, I'm sure nobody who isn't a super hardcore pokemon fan cared at all. And for any hardcore pokemon fans, do you really think any of them would refuse to get the game just because of that?? They're still gonna buy the game because they are hardcore fans, they're just also gonna complain about it online. The only thing that mattered was it was the first core pokemon game for a console and its on the super popular Switch, so yeah its gonna sell like crazy.

The only way I'd say it was held back by the controversy, though really I'd say it was less about controversy that your regular gamer doesn't care about and more about just how the game didn't really do anything groundbreaking for the franchise. And that is just that it hasn't gotten the amazing word of mouth as say BotW, Odyssey, AC:NH, and so on did because Sw/Sh is really just an okay game, nothing to go around telling everyone its a must buy.