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Not been impressed since the jump to HD and before that PS1 to Dreamcast. Now I play my Dreamcast with HDMI. I play Switch games on the TV. Games focus so much on realism and use the same tricks every gen to show how powerful it is. Look at this very real looking face that will never be in-game. Look at the shiny car. Just so bored of it now. I just wanna see the games I want to play. The Astral Chain knockoff looks fun but unless it comes to PS4 I'm not getting it. It doesn't look like a game that says I need to spend $500 to play it. Shenmue or Gears of War were those HOLY SHIT next-gen games and so far not seen that. Not seen that game that not only looks next-gen but the gameplay is only possible for next-gen.

I was more impressed getting an Arcade1up machine playing a really good version of TMNT Arcade at home after 31 years of waiting than I have been with next gen face tech demos.

Last edited by Leynos - on 07 May 2020

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!