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Mar1217 said:

The technical side talk have become the main points of each passing gen to understand the differences. The moment of magic where you could see this obvious leap between two generation is over since graphically, there isn't as much room to grow than it had at one point far long ago.

Tough, enhancements and changes can be made. It will never get the same initial feeling of discovery we had. It's the way it is.

I think most of these "wow" moments will have to pass by devs who actually wants to actualize visuals or other aspects that can advance in a meaningful way. Change the way we perceive certain aspects of a game.

Talk what you want but even games like Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse of Rome showed the graphical jump in a very easy to see way, Infamous Second Son is even better at it.

Perhaps you think like that because you weren't actively seeing the release of the systems like PS2 and PS3 when the gap between end gen PS1 games like FFIX jump to launch titles of PS2 or GoW2 on PS2 to launch titles on PS3 weren't as massive as you would believe when trying to compare launch title of PS1 with end of life PS2, etc. Because sometimes looking behind it looks different than what it really was.

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