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Just wondering if people still get all super excited about upgraded graphics at this point? For me personally it's hard to imagine getting that excited by the graphical difference between PS4/XBO graphics and PS5/XBS graphics. I haven't seen what the new systems will do yet, but how excited can you get for incremental improvements at this point.

To me its kinda like, oh great we already had hyper realistic graphics and now we have slightly more hyper realistic graphics..whoopee...

Hell, I thought graphics were getting pretty damn good on the Gamecube and Xbox haha, though I do appreciate the jump to HD. And I even appreciate the difference between the current home consoles and the Switch (and I am looking forward to the graphical upgrade of the next Nintendo system to put in on par and them some of the current home consoles with hyper realistic graphics, but I doubt I'd care much beyond the next gen ie Switch 2). When I look at say PS4 graphics I honestly think to myself, who cares about wanting better than this? Maybe that's why I only care about the Switch these days, freedom to play anywhere I want is much more important to me at this point than small upgrades in super realistic graphics.

Alright graphic whores...onslaught me with insults! ;p