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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Cyran said:

I very much doubt we see Tigerlake on desktop.  I have little hope of seeing an intel desktop chip that would even make me consider choosing it over AMD until 2022 when if all goes well for them they will released Meteor Lake.

End of Year/Next year they release Rocket lake which might be based on tiger lake cores but at 14nm instead of 10nm.  It hard to get a good read on what rocket lake will actually be.  Alder Lake will be Tiger lake replacement but base on the design(big/little) it sounds like a mobile cpu only but who knows.

Meteor Lake base on everything I read sound like when Intel will finally have a modem architecture across all there platforms that may match what AMD got.  Wont know till 2022 but am hoping with ZEN 4 vs Meteor we will finally have both companies at same time with great CPUs.

For laptop I just hope Clevo increase the number of AMD base chassis they offer.  AMD got great mobile CPU now but they much harder to find then Intel.  Most companies except the few that make there own chassis uses Clevo Chassis to make there laptops.

With Tiger lake on desktop I meant Rocket lake, which after all is just an 8-core Tiger Lake backported to 14nm. Sorry that I didn't make that clear.

Fair enough.  I am just extremely skeptical that a 14nm backport of tigerlake going to be able to compete with AMD Zen 3 base CPUs for the vast majority of use cases.