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Okay, from the beginning i didn't expected him to answer it XD
Why are you people doing this and supporting it? You think this is human right and such thing but what about Pedophilia? You don't support them ? XD I expect 10 years from now we will see more people support them as if it's not their are already some people trying to help them.What next? Necrophilia? Lol they are also human and you western people really love to support the minority and saying gays rights are human right. I think after 25 years we will see Necrophilias right are human rights because you are so Obsessed with these things.
As for my question, how can they have sex? anal sex? Ugh disgusting and it is bad and some people hate it but at the same time they support these gays?!
Can these gays get pregnant? Lol stupid question right? Well you got the answer for it...
You know who have sex with same sex? Animals @@..but maybe this is a sign that gay is normal and not against common sense? Well only if you consider your self as an animal.
You guys surely know about Lot folk story. I don't want anyone to say they got punished only because they hated strangers and these kind of thing, no they were also gays.
You all will regret this and supporting it and i can guarantee you this.

Am i gonna get banned for this? ofcourse i will, but do i care? Lol
This place is dead and most of us know this and i don't care anymore.This place is bad like Resetera.

Edit - User was banned for this post.

Edit 2: User was perma-banned for this post. ~ Pemalite.

Last edited by Hiku - on 06 May 2020