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JWeinCom said:
It's possible... but there are risks in going that way. Fragmenting your fanbase is a tricky thing. We didn't see very many "New" 3DS games that were successful. Similarly, only a few Game Boy Color games outside of Pokemon were really big. And even Wii games with Motion Plus were hampered by hardware fragmentation.

Unless they've solved this problem, I don't know if that's a good idea. If they can effectively boost the switch through a dock, that may be a way to do it, but as I understand, that's not possible with the hardware.

They can create a special dock that takes over all processing duties, but the Switch unit itself would be doing nothing, so it would be more like a "Switch Pro" that you can recharge your current Switch handheld on.
The USB-C port on the Switch means that the dock can never "augment" the processing capabilities of the handheld, it's bandwidth is insufficient and it's latency is far to high. (Not to mention a few other technical barriers which I won't get into here with how data transmissions are managed.)

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