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Bandorr said:
Not really sure what you're talking about.
Like I do - but not really with a time frame.

How many of them got DX versions? And what got improved with said DX version?
If persona is your example - then I'm not in your boat. Waiting 4 years for a better version is just insane to me.

That said Atelier Ryza was my first Atelier game. It was amazing. 10/10 for everything. Character, story, combat, how easy it was to use the alchemy, collectables etc.

Maybe 9/10 for some things. It wasn't really clear where to get what element. I need X to make my boots or my compass where do I get it? What do I use etc. I had to use a guide at the end for stuff like that. Don't get me started on 9999ing stuff etc.

I live in no fear of a game I'm playing getting "better". I am not patient. FF7r make absolutely insane on PC - I'm not waiting.

I'm probably somewhat of an anomaly here.  I'm a Persona fan after the re-release on the PSP, Innocent Sin, 3, and 4 Golden.  Plain and simple.  So it was a no-brainier for me to preorder the Persona 5 - "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition.  With certain franchises (like Atelier), I'm a sucker for Premium/Limited Editions.  So I've had the Premium Edition since launch. When the standard version dropped in price to $20 Greatest Hits, I still had no regrets paying $76.49 for the Premium Edition because the extras were well worth it.  What makes my situation somewhat of an anomaly is that when you're working full time, a parent, and a community "pillar" of sorts, certain hobbies take a back seat.  When I finally got around to playing Persona 5, the announcement of the Royal version was in the works.  So I refrained from Persona 5 to finish both Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank THIS YEAR (Yes, 2020.).  Then I'll later dive into the "definitive" version of Persona 5 in the form of the Royal release.  So time has ALWAYS been a major factor in deciding which game to play next.

Probably the biggest issue with the Atelier Series is that there have been so many titles of that series, and I've purchase almost every single Limited Edition of the PS3, VITA/PSTV, and PS4 titles there are.  The extra physical content has been nice.  But for me, so much time has elapsed from the original (vanilla) release to a "definitive" edition before I've had a chance to play the original.  So when I do hear of a Plus/DX version, it's more tempting to delve into those since I've yet to play the original releases.  But the ongoing costs.  Just feels like I keep getting burned with this.

I've heard a lot of nice things (undoubtedly) about Ryza (such as your 10/10 rating) which helps me see past the hype/anticipation of a Plus or DX version and just enjoy the damn game.

Last edited by LivingMetal - on 04 May 2020