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vonny said:
sales2099 said:

Because she killed someone that you admitted players spent more time actually playing as. Also fighting Ellie as a final boss. The image of Abby choking out Ellie is very unsettling, and not in a good way. Compared to Abby (the shot of her arm muscles in particular) Ellie looks like a defenceless victim. And this is the other fan favourite that you spend the first half of the game playing as, on top of the first games character building. Killing Joel and forcing the gamer to beat Ellie within an inch of her life makes any character building of Abby by ND a seriously uphill battle. 

Ellie is not a defenseless victim, she's killed dozen of Abby's friend by that point. You reap what you sow and Joel and Ellie have caused nothing but pain we cna love the characters but we weren't meant to side with their actions.

So it's going to be challenging? Yea sure that what makes it interesting, so maybe people stop complaining and she how they actually tackle her development and if they fail to make a connection than complain other wise it's pissing into the wind 

You can’t tell fans to not side with characters they are attached to without some form of blowback. Until the game comes out the leaks and characters fans know are all there is to talk about. 

Complaining gets things to change. It happens because people care. Complainers are literally people telling the company how to earn their money. I firmly believe ND put their personal message above fans, and they will make themselves heard. 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 04 May 2020

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