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Marth said:
Olivernintentoal said:

What the heck is Bayonetta & Vanquish, spinoff? I thought Nintendo owned the rights to publish Bayonetta games.

The IP is owned by Platinum

The Publishing rights for the first game are with Sega and Nintendo

Nintendo has the sole publishing rights for Bayo 2 & 3

So the sequels will unlikely appear on another platform, Bayo 1 however is fair game.

And Bayonetta & Vanquish is a bundle which includes the remaster of the first Bayo game.

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! 

Playing Xenoblade 2 before I buy Xenoblade 3 (otherwise I couldn't wait to play 3).

Can they announce a new Fire Emblem? A remake of Genealogy or Tellius would suffice !