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I see some good reviews for it on steam store page then some negative (of course). The negatives worry me a little because they say that some mission are just terrible (I believe the escort missions and only allow you to pick maybe one person while others are predetermined), had some people pissed about enemy spawning (enemies would spawn right next to them and kill their squad member in same turn), and a few other little things like items/gear doesn't drop that often (some were saying you have to do 4+ missions before getting anything of value for your squad).

So I will keep my eye on this game because turn based strategy fan but I'm not sure if I can drop 60 on it. I'm sure they will address some of these issues with patch later. Otherwise for their first attempt at turning Gears into a XCOM turn based game seems like they did a decent job overall. Also, one reviewer said he and his wife have problems with game crashing and they are using different Nvidia cards. So there might be an issue with Nvidia cards and this game (I have a 1060 6GB myself).