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Created this thread to post my impressions of Streets of Rage 4....

And I gotta say, I'm impressed! Ever since I heard the reviews saying how it was still somewhat old school but with modernization, I was skeptical of this game.I love beat em ups, but honestly the few that releases nowadays dont push the formula foward.They like to stay in the past too much.Which ends up them being mediocre games.

But this game.... I still believe this is not the game that the genre needed to push foward and feel fresh(that title would go to Dragon's Crown.God that game is so good, and honestly think that's the future of beat em ups) but the game is so polished, combat is so tight, enemy variety is so good, the music is so catchy.I'm still at Stage 4, but damn it if im not enjoying this alot.

Hopefully Vanillaware makes a sequel to Dragons Crown, but I'm happy with Streets of Rage 4!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.