HoangNhatAnh said:
A203D said:

Honestly, I feel that view is unfair. I have criticised Square Enix many times in the past, especially this team of Kitase, Toriyama and Nomura... But this game shows how much they have learned, listened, and have really improved as developers. Even though Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed were not remakes, there has been the same if not more work gone into FF7R as those games. Cloud alone must have double if not triple the amount of dialogue than all the dialogue of the first Assassin's Creed game. The amount of motion capture, animation, voice acting, editing is what you would expect from just one game, which is why I'm content this is one game and also glad in many ways it is one game.

I appreciate they could have cut a lot of things out and made this a replica of the original, but i'm glad they took this further than any of us could have dreamed.

Other JRPG remakes could be done with just one game. FFVIIR is dividing into more and more parts to milk more money from the customers. It could be 10 parts, and $60 for each. I will wait till the complete edition come out, then get it on sale. Episode 1 was only 30 hour for the main plot of an incomplete story, not worth $60. I already made a comparison with Xenoblde 2 Torna, 30 hours to complete everything and cost $30 only. Still, this is very good for FFVIIR fans, they could play each part a lot sooner, and Square will get a lot more money for their next part. If I was them, i will divide FFVIIR into 20 parts ($60 for each) for maximum profit.

DonFerrari said:

The first game is 60 so you won't buy. So the news wouldn't really concern you until the last game comes around in don't know how many years plus a few years for the price to come down or they release a collection with all the games.

Um, but this news mean FFVIIR would be more than 3 parts, even 10 parts or more. At first, i want to buy the first part for $20 when people still believe it is 3 parts (though not completely sure, so i still wait for more information). And now, definitely not just 3 parts, 4 5 6 or even 10 parts, at this point, just wait for the complete edition and a sale.

Except so far no real number of parts was disclossed and the OP plus title was already dismissed as news because it is basically what was already said over 2 years or more. That they cut the game in smaller parts to allow faster shipment of the game. Not really that they are cutting it even smaller.

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