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Radek said:

After prologue in TLOU, it cuts to Summer - 20 years later. Then TLOU campaign takes about a year until it's over.

TLOU 2 takes place 5 years after TLOU is finished.

It has been at least 25 years since pandemic started in TLOU Universe.

So how could Abby (looks anywhere from 18 to 25 year old) change their gender, in post-apocaliptic world, and how does she get the hormones?

Or was she only made Transgender because Neil Druckmann loves taking advice from Anita Sarkeesian?

My bet is that she is not transgender on hormones. Just a woman that is not feminine, probably also a lesbian based on how she dresses, that went on full time to the gym.

Or... much better... since she was the daughter of the doctor, she had access to hormones of something like that since her father maybe had access to a tash from before the outbreak. God I almost want it to be like this.