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COKTOE said:
Shaunodon said:

"Do you think I could find any more examples of gameplay praise for one of the most acclaimed games of all time?"

Why are you asking me this? Did I ever dispute that? Did I not just pull several examples from another, far-less loved game to make that point?

"DeusXMachina said that the gameplay was "not bad" which is a few degrees removed from "above average" where I come from."

That is reeeeally reaching mate. And as I tried to make clear, whether he was slightly off or not, his point was that the gameplay is not great, which is in line with exactly what you said; and no one (as in general people who play games, a generalisation of the audience, not literally everyone who plays/reviews games) remembers the game because of great gameplay.

Just because you interpreted the short, casual line of "Well the game gets praised for its story and not the gameplay." as 'dealing in ABSOLUTE TERMS that are not representative of reality. My personal take is irrelevant.' (This whole thing is really based on your strong personal take of a short comment.) Doesn't mean he meant it literally has never been praised for it's gameplay.
Look at some of the reviews you decided to share with us. Even when praising the gameplay, they then heap far greater praise on other elements like narrative or production. One of them (I was gonna say a couple, but you actually double-posted one review) even mentions how the gameplay 'supports' the other aspects, meaning it does enough to prop up the parts people actually care about.
So if someone says "praised for its story and not the gameplay", it can refer to the gameplay being more of an afterthought. Just like even though these reviewers are breaking their backs to make TLoU seem like the second coming, you can tell they're basically praising the gameplay more out of obligation to mention it, while saving their greater superlatives for the aspects that matter.

Read between the lines.

Sorry I butt in on your conversation, but I figured he could be left going back-and-forth over a pointless detail (that you could find praise for it's gameplay somewhere), just like you're trying to do to me now.

Oh my god. I've never had to deal with such a pointless wall of text in my entire time on the site. Are you wondering about the meaning about what Jrantion said? As if it's written out in hieroglyphics, and then once translated, it needs interpretation due to it's complex nature? "Well the game gets praised for its story and not the gameplay" That this is not accurate, is my entire point of contention. And how is what he said not an absolute statement? What the F** are you talking about? There's a very simple tenet to this whole thing, which has been at the forefront of the exchange, on display multiple times, and even highlighted, yet still you persist, and wax philosophic about you know not what. Seriously, I've never resorted to this before, but I won't respond to anything you say on this post. I reject your apology.

"such a pointless wall of text"

Your previous post, which going by lines used was actually a bit longer than mine, mostly contained a bunch of quotes from reviews, which I made an intentional effort to avoid by stating you were technically correct from the get-go.
I find it a bit rich you'd say this considering the reason I had to write so much, was to create enough detail for you to understand exactly what I was saying. You've already shown that if things aren't spelt out for you sufficiently, you're just gonna run away with your own assumptions.
Your whole 'point of contention' even started with you saying, "Could you expand on this statement please?" So what do you think all these lines of text for you are? I'm expanding on every statement necessary, to avoid you trying to start the same nonsense with me. (I also know I've spoken on behalf of someone else here. So he's welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Honestly, I find so much of what you're saying so strange, that I'm starting to wonder if there's some in-joke I'm not aware of. Like there's some long running prank that you've been playing on this site, and I've suddenly gotten caught in it.

"I won't respond to anything you say on this post."

Ok. I didn't want much part of this anyway, so this is really a load off my mind.