DonFerrari said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Not really, just repeat the same words which you told me before to comfort you a bit.

"I have no idea of it would be a lie" correct, outside non-PS fans, no one would have thought that Square was lying. Well, companies lied to their fans all the times though. Even Nintendo too, when they said 3dsxl didn't exist then just announced it several months later.

This is very good though, fans will get and play each part a lot sooner and Square will get a lot more money for their next parts/games, a win-win situation.

You said "so what you told me originally are not true" means I was lying, and know you changed to I was told a lie by SE. They are totally different stuff.

And again you missed the "if".

But if you are happy to play more interactions of FF VIIR good for you if they make more.

Since the beginning, i already had no interest for an incomplete story, especially for a JRPG. I only speak for FFVII fans who defend this remake a lot when it was announced that the game will be episodic since 2015. They told us the truth long ago anyway.