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psychicscubadiver said:
Captain_Yuri said:
After watching the "Ending Scene," I must say... While I don't usually mind violence in movies/games and generally like them... Hot damn that shit is brutal!

The violence. graphic or not, doesn't annoy me nearly so much as the destruction of the characters from the original game. The gameplay of TLOU was just okay. It was the narrative and characters that made it good and now they're killing them to shove this new character down our throat?

Thank you whoever leaked this. You saved me $60 and a lot of anger.

Yea agreed! When I saw Joel getting back with Ellie, I was pretty hyped but after looking at the spoilers... This is not what I had in mind...

I am sure they executed the narrative well enough to have the emotional impact but oof. Playing half the game with Abby, killing off Joel then ending with Abby beating up Ellie and her pregnant girlfriend is gonna be a skip for me.


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