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1. You play the first half of the game as Ellie, and the second half as Abby (the character featured in the PGW 2017 trailer played by Laura Bailey)
Proof: The leaked level list divides the game's levels between Ellie's levels and Abby's levels if you take a look to the left.

2. The game has you fighting Ellie from the perspective of Abby
Proof: The level list above

3. Dina is pregnant with Jesse's baby. Her and Ellie are trying to start a family.
Proof: From the leaked cutscene between Dina and Ellie below. Can't post it here but just believe me I've seen it myself

4. Joel dies at the hands of Abby
Proof: There's a scene early on in the game (Jackson) where Joel gets his skull caved in by Abby with a golf club (below). Later on, a scene between Ellie and Dina takes place where Dina explictly mentions Joel and Jesse being dead.


  • One of the surgeons Joel killed had a daughter called Abby
  • The Firefly massacre destroyed her whole life, she's been looking for revenge ever since
  • Knew who Ellie was because of her dad talking about their shot at a cure, figured out Joel from Firefly records
  • Cult attacks Ellie's settlement and she, Jesse, and Dinah are part of the group sent to track down and attack it - Jesse is killed during this
  • Ellie is now violently angry and goes to Seattle looking for the cults home to wipe it out, meets Joel there because he heard about Jesse and came back to help her
  • Abby finds Ellie because she's been in conflict with the cult too, so when Ellie hunts them to Seattle and is set to attack them with Joel her group find them and attack
  • She kills Joel herself, takes Ellie back to camp debating what to do with her since for all her hate she doesn't blame her for the massacre
  • Ellie butchers her group to escape and Abby is now motivated to hunt her down
  • Second half of the game is spent as Abby chasing Ellie
  • Ellie continues hunting the cult while you chase her down
  • Ending is Ellie and Abby fighting to the death
  • You kill Ellie as Abby, and she leaves while realizing she's not really "won" in any meaningful way since all she's done is get more of her loved ones killed for the sake of her killing Joel and then Ellie
  • Ending is "cycle of revenge" with the loose implication Ellie's friends will hunt Abby now in return


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