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Immersiveunreality said:
Pemalite said:

Yes. Especially if individuals are proclaiming it as some kind of "special sauce" and a feature "never before seen" in the tech industry in order to hype up their products under a false narrative. - It's disingenuous.

Sadly it happens regardless of platform holder you support.

Is the cooling method better? Potentially. But the question remains... At what cost? Could it have been done cheaper? Better perhaps?

If it is a ''special sauce'' or not remains to be seen when it's actually used and thoroughly tested after release to determine whether or not it makes a proportionate enough difference to be considered that,it could be a good evolution for PS hardware.(there are probably not even certain comparisons to be made in order to refute those being ''overly'' optimistic about it)

Bolded:The team behind this hardware most likely know it a lot better than assumingly most if not all the users on this site and it would be unlike them to not be considering those aspects in this new project.

The capabilities of Sony's engineers aren't in question.
But there is a reason why we have only done cooling a certain way for decades.

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