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I'm happy with the Broncos first pick. I was hoping for Jeudy or Lamb and they got Jeudy. I think Lamb has more big play ability but Denver already has Sutton for that, Jeudy is a more well rounded rookie.

Regarding the Patriots returning their elite defense, it will be interesting to see if they fare better against what should be a tougher schedule without nearly as many cupcake quarterbacks. And we did see them get exposed and kind of crumble midway through the season. They went into the Ravens game allowing under 8 points a game and then played five straight decent to great offenses and gave up double digit points in four of the five games, went 2-3 in that stretch and also gave up double digit points in their last three games, all to some of the worst offenses in football last season.

They started the season off against such horrid competition, it kind of set them up to finish as an elite ranked defense though. I mean they played Luke Faulk, Fitz/Rosen, Darnold, Jones, Mayfield, and Colt McCoy. The only good QB was Big Ben in his only game of the season in the opener. And who can really even say if Ben is still good. They gave up 200 rushing yards to the Titans in a game where Henry rushed it over 30 times. They knew exactly what was coming and still couldn't stop it. Not the calling of a really elite defense. They're good, but they have plenty of holes.

Of course, playing in the AFC Least, they'll still have six easy games on defense per year by default, barring some huge leap in play by Sam Darnold or Josh Allen. But they do also have KC, Baltimore, Houston, and the NFC West on the schedule, which includes three quality offenses. I doubt they'll finish #1 again.