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JRPGfan said:

Im gonna go ahead and say I'm impressed.

Sony seems to be doing alot of "new" things.
The variable clock speeds, to maximise performance without needing to waste anything on overhead.
The 3D stacked chip, and the unique cooling solution seem, like something we've heard of would be comeing in the future, but no one really expected to see anytime soon.

Even the controller is new, its no longer called a dualshock, but now the dualSense, after the changes it got in tech.
This ontop of stuff like all the work they put into removeing bottlenecks, when moveing data around (from the SSD).

Alot of this stuff just "seems" more planned out than what Microsoft did.
With the Xbox series X, there wasnt any "surprises", it was basically just more or less what everyone thought it would be.
With the Playstation 5, there seems to be alot of elegant solutions, and new stuff/thinking.

I’d argue they have been behind on hardware for several years and are only now catching up. The only reason ps4 was more powerful then Xbox One was Mattrick didn’t prioritize gaming specs. Both consoles had weak specs at launch even for its time.

PS4 and even some models of PS4 Pro are extremely loud (XBX is whisper quiet) and couldn’t do 4K bluray or 4K gaming as advertised. PS5 details sound impressive, and they are, but it’s because it’s been long overdue. Same goes for the controller. I always thought it was ergonomically lacking. And the redesign now finally makes PSs controller modern and DualShock is officially obsolete. Xbox controller didn’t need to change much because it doesn’t require a change. 

People were surprised by the Series X tower design. It definitely breaks tradition. And with its design it allows for 70% better heat dissipation by simple fact that heat rises and the giant fan only helps further. If PS5 has a flat rectangle shape, they certainly have their work cut out for them to do every trick they can to make the heat dissipation work. 

I’d argue MSs Series X specs is all about consistency where as Sony’s “variable” this and “work arounds” sound a lot like an asterisk (*) should be next to all their claims. Just giving the opposite point of view. 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 24 April 2020

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