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To accompany the 20 million seller thread, what 10 million sellers do you think the Switch has left in its lifetime?

So far the list is:

Mario Kart, Smash, Odyssey, BotW, Pokemon, Let's Go, and obviously Animal Crossing now. That's 7 games.

Splatoon and Mario Party are about to pass 10 million. That makes it 9 games.

Luigi's Mansion I'd say will for sure pass it. That's 10 games.

NSBMU:D and Mario Maker could pull it off a couple years down the line, I'm gonna assume they will so that's 12 games are already out.

Now for future games.

BotW2, another 3D Mario, one or two more Pokemons, 2D Mario, maybe another Mario Party could as well. That's 4-6 more games right there. That'd make 16-18 total.

Any other future games you think will come out that will pass 10 million?

That kind of feels like all the mega selling games that'll be left.

I don't imagine any third parties are gonna make a blockbuster game specifically for the Switch so unlikely any third party games will hit 10 million. I dunno is Minecraft a possibility? There's also the possibility that Ring Fit just keeps selling decently for years and eventually hits 10 million though that's an outside chance. Also a possibility if they do release some Mario Collection game this year for the anniversary, something like Galaxy 1+2 HD could maybe do it. So if you add a maybe Minecraft, maybe Ring Fit, maybe Mario Collection, that brings it up to 21 at most as far as I can see. Unless Metroid Prime 4 just goes nuts sales-wise, or they launch like a remastered and improved Wii Sports that could easily do 10 million I'm sure.

Anyway, let's here your thoughts on future 10 million sellers on Switch.